Live now and forever !!

Live now and forever
What happens when you are so sad ?
Is there nothing that makes you glad !!
What happens when you are so happy ?
Doesn’t everything looks beautiful even though its crappy !!
What happens when you are so tense ?
Don’t you try your level best to make good sense  !!
What happens when you are excited ?
Dont you feel everything around you is united !!
Every emotion comes from within and every reaction comes from within,
then why think about anything that has already been!!
Life is something, we should cherish
We never know, when we’ll perish
Live, laugh, rejoice
Because thats your personal choice !!
Take stock in yourself, take deep thought into ownself,
Shine so bright, laugh outright, love infinite, play to your hearts delight
Because you never know
When you’ll turn into a skylight !!
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