Marriage is “We Do”

When two strangers come together to become man and wife,
that marks the beginning of a changed new life

A miracle called Marriage
happens when two say “I Do”
and from that moment on,
their dreams can all come true

Both help together through good times and bad
with a promise to stay together whether happy or sad

Both making their love more stronger
than any hate or anger

Both learning the wisdom of compromise
because thats a wise advice

Both never bringing up mistakes from the past
because that will not let the relationship long last

Both never going to sleep with an argument unsettled
It will smash your foundation into pebbles

Both trying never to be angry at the same time
after all marriage is like sweet lime

Both promise to love each other in spring, summer & winter
with colours always filled in their life’s printer

Both pledge to trust, to be honest, to listen, to respect & to support
to build together their fort

Both making each other laugh, play, grow and bend
with one another as best friend

When two strangers come together to become man and wife,
they become a reason for each others life

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